Shine Like a Sunflower

Will you help us SHINE A LIGHT
on scleroderma in March 2024?

Scleroderma Australia's Sunflower Day is almost here!

After much discussion, and an extensive survey, it was decided (96% in favour of!) to MOVE the date for SHINE Like A Sunflower! Until now, it’s coincided with World Scleroderma Day, but as you can imagine, June is FAR TOO COLD for anyone living with scleroderma to be able to participate as fully as they’d like to, and so by moving it to Wednesday, 6th March, 2024, it’s a more inclusive date, and everyone can participate! 


PLUS it’s the season for sunflowers to bloom here in Australia, which is fitting because the sunflower is scleroderma’s emblem.
Hence, we’ve created a brand new day … 🌻 NATIONAL SUNFLOWER DAY!


🌻 National Sunflower Day will raise awareness for scleroderma, and occur annually on March 6. We’re LIGHTING UP AUSTRALIA (with your help!) with a vibrant yellow glow for our annual SHINE Like A Sunflower campaign, and encouraging people to WEAR YELLOW. We’re also asking people to donate anything they can, to help raise essential funds dedicated to scleroderma specialist nurses, and scleroderma research.


Some 6,000 people across Australia are living with scleroderma right now. This rare chronic connective tissue condition shortens life expectancy by more than 20 years and can be life-threatening. There’s currently no cure for scleroderma.


This year, Scleroderma Australia is bringing a golden glow to more than 120 iconic locations across Australia. Find one near you and help us continue to support and advocate for people living with scleroderma, improve treatments, and keep searching for a cure.


With your generous help, our goal is to raise $120,000 to help raise essential funds dedicated to scleroderma nurses and scleroderma research. We all know that the right medical support at the right time can make an enormous difference to recovery, and our scleroderma specialist nurses do just that!


Here’s how you can join the fun and deliver improved lives to people with scleroderma!


6th March 2024

60+ locations across Australia

Check out the list below to find an iconic location near you and see it lit up for #SunflowerDay2024 in support of scleroderma awareness and research.

These landmarks will #ShineLikeASunflower this March.
Will you join us this year to light up a monument, landmark, or building near you? Get in touch!

Newcastle – City Hall Clock Tower –  6 March


Coffs Harbour – Big Banana – 6 March


Goulburn Visitor Information Centre – 6 March


WestConnex – M8 Motorway – 6 March


WestConnex – M4 Motorway – 6 March


WestConnex – M4 M8 Link Tunnels – 6 March


WestConnex – M5 East – 6 March


WestConnex – M4 M8 Linx Roselle Interchange – 6 March


Manly Town Hall – 5 – 7 March

Palmerson Frances Drive RSL Light Pole – 6 March

Mandurah Bridge Lights – 6 March


Eastern Goldfields Community Centre – 6 March


Shire of Manjimup – Brockman street – 6 March


Perth – Bell Tower – 5th March


Perth – Mount Street Bridge – 6 March


Perth – Joondalup Drive – 6 March


Perth – Sky Ribbon – 6 March


Perth – Graham Farmer Tunnel entry – 6 March 


Perth – Matagarup Bridge – 6 March


Perth – Yagan Square – 6 March 


Perth – Trafalgar Bridge – 6 March

Canberra – Malcolm Fraser Bridge – 1 March – 11 March


Canberra Times Fountain – 1 March – 11 March


Light Rail Stations – 1 March – 11 March


Royal Australian Mint – 6th March

Brisbane – Reddacliff Place Sculptures – 6th March


Brisbane – Story Bridge – 6th March


Brisbane – Victoria Bridge – 6th March


Brisbane – Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (Gateway Bridges) – 5th March


Brisbane – City Town Hall – 6th March


Brisbane – Donna Marcus Steam 2006 – 6th March


Brisbane – Kangaroo Point – 6th March


Brisbane – Sandgate Hall – 6th March


Brisbane City Council – 6th March


Townsville – Queensland Country Bank Stadium – 6th March


Townsville – Central Park Boardwalk – 6th March


Townsville – Flinders Square – 6th March


Townsville – George Roberts Bridge – 6th March


Townsville – Little Fletcher Bridge – 6th March


Townsville – Old Magistrates Court House – 6th March


Townsville – Victoria Bridge – 6th March


Townsville – Wharton Reef Lighthouse – 6th March


Toowoomba – Victoria Street Bridge (Russell Street to Ruthven Street) – 4th-8th March


Suncorp Stadium – 6 March


Mackay – Sir Albert Abbott Adminstration Building – 6 March


Rockhampton Heritage Facade – 6 March


Logan – Wineglass Water Tower – 6 March


Kurilpa Bridge – 7 March


Certa – 6 March


Bigger Big Rig Tower – 6 March


Queensland’s Sir Leo Hielsche bridge – 5 March


Treewalk – 6 March


Southern Downs – Stanthorpe Building – 6 March


Southern Downs – Warwick Town Hall – 6 March


Weeroona Park in Stanthorpe – 6 March

McCrae Lighthouse – 6 March


Melbourne – AAMI Park – 5 March


Bendigo – Conservatory in Rosalind Park – 6 March


Bendigo – Sidney Myer Place (Large Tree) – 6 March


Ballarat – Foundation on Lake Penhalluriack – 4-9 March


Ballarat – Fountain on Lake Wendouree & Eureka – 4-9 March


Ballarat – Town Hall Clock Tower – 4-9 March


Geelong Performing Arts Centre – 6 March


Moonee Valley Clock Tower – 6 March


Whitehorse City Council – Box Hill Town Hall – 6 March


Chadstone – The Fashion Capital

Waratah – Wynyard Council Building – 6th March


Launceston Town Hall – 6th March


Glenorchy City Council – 6th March


Smithton Tasmania 7330 – – 6th March

Adelaide Festival Centre – 6 March


Corporation of the Town of Walkerville – 6 March


Want to know other ways in which you could help?

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How you can help

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We rely on our generous supporters, like you, to continue our important work. Your donations help people living with scleroderma and their families, and funds are dedicated to scleroderma specialist nurses and scleroderma research to understand and develop treatments for scleroderma.


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Get the facts

What is Scleroderma?


Scleroderma – or systemic sclerosis – is a chronic connective tissue condition. It’s generally classified as an autoimmune rheumatic condition. One common symptom is the thickening or hardening of the skin. It comes from the Greek: sclero = hard, derma = skin. 

Scleroderma is not:

Scleroderma shortens life expectancy by more than 20 years and can be life-threatening. Some 6,000 people live with the condition in Australia, and women are seven times more likely to develop scleroderma than men.
There’s currently no cure.


#ShineLikeASunflower 2023 Highlights

Play Video about Shine a Light Schleroderma 2023 Highlighs

Over 110 iconic Australian buildings, bridges, stadiums, trees, and landmarks were illuminated in YELLOW to “Shine Like A Sunflower” in celebration of World Scleroderma Day 2023.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the companies, organisations, and individuals who supported Scleroderma Australia, helping us raise crucial funds for research and awareness. Your support is immensely valued!

We are thrilled to announce our 2024 Shine Like A Sunflower campaign launch which is now part of Scleroderma Australia’s Sunflower Day, March 6, and we would be delighted to have you on board!

If you are ready to join us in shining a light on Scleroderma Australia this year, please email us at


Tara's Story

Scleroderma presents unique challenges


People with rare diseases like scleroderma face unique challenges. They may struggle to get an accurate diagnosis and access to effective treatments, and in the case of scleroderma, people may have never heard of the condition before they’re diagnosed with it.

There’s not as much support out there for people with rare diseases compared to more common conditions. This can leave people with rare diseases feeling helpless, anxious and alone.

Many GPs don’t know much about scleroderma, which can lead to further feelings of isolation and hopelessness. This lack of knowledge can also impede treatment, leading to increased pain and discomfort.

We’re raising $120,000 to help raise essential funds dedicated to scleroderma specialist nurses and scleroderma research


To help combat this lack of knowledge and support, Scleroderma Australia is hoping to raise $120,000 to fund  specialist nurses who will help support and advise people living with scleroderma in Australia.

Scleroderma specialist nurses provide information, referrals, and clinical assistance, including wound management and advice on dressings. Specialist wound care skills are a crucial part of the clinical role and include debridement and infection management – a specialism that is increasingly difficult to access in the community.

Our scleroderma specialist nurses are available via phone and video call so people with scleroderma can call for advice and guidance on topics like wound care, diet, vaccination, chronic illness, disability, and navigating Australia’s health system.

How Scleroderma Specialist Nurses helped Tara with scleroderma


Tara’s journey with scleroderma started when she began experiencing sore fingers while playing the clarinet, followed by foot pain. Despite being initially chalked up to post-illness fatigue, her condition didn’t improve, and she was subsequently diagnosed with scleroderma.

Living with scleroderma drastically affected Tara’s life. Simple everyday tasks became a challenge due to pain from standing for more than 10 minutes and contractures in her hand joints. To manage her energy levels, she had to carefully pace her tasks and rest after physically demanding activities.

Sadly, due to ulcerations on her arms, she had to stop working clinically and later teaching, eventually relying on a disability pension. Despite these hardships, Tara found a way to give back through volunteer work with Scleroderma Queensland and Scleroderma Australia.

The unpredictability of each day was the most challenging aspect of living with scleroderma for Tara. The pain and energy levels varied from day to day, and despite losing two fingers to the disease, she often found herself having to justify her disability access. Tara missed playing music, and while she was suggested to try different instruments, she remained steadfast in her identity as a reed player.

As a nurse herself, Tara emphasised the necessity of specialist scleroderma nurses. She felt that while she could navigate the system, many others might struggle. She believed this role could offer valuable support for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers, providing information, advice, and advocacy about their care.


Will you help us raise essential funds dedicated to specialist scleroderma nurses?


Having an expert to talk to, not only helps people living with scleroderma to better manage the condition, it also decreases feelings of isolation and improves our mental health.


Support is crucial with a rare disease like scleroderma, and we’re proud to be raising funds to pay for specialist scleroderma nurses who will provide much-needed support to the nearly 6,000 people across the country living with scleroderma.


Will you donate today to help us reach our 2024 fundraising goal?

Your generous donation will go directly towards funding specialist nurses to help treat and advise people like Tara who are living with this life-threatening condition.


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