About us

About us
Scleroderma Australia has been incorporated since 2005 to facilitate a national representative voice in supporting our scleroderma community across Australia. Delegates from the states make up our governing Committee.

Scleroderma Australia Committee

Executive Committee

  • President: Amanda Lawrie-Jones (VIC)
  • Vice President: Marilyn Singer (NSW)
  • Secretary: Dylan King (SA)
  • Treasurer: Iain Pizzey (VIC)


  • Frances Leaupepe (NSW)
  • Cheyenne MacLeod (QLD)
  • Gordon Harris (QLD)
  • Susan Harrocks (QLD)
  • Louise Inglese (VIC)
  • Wendy Smith (WA)
  • Sue-anne Ward (WA)

The purpose of our association is to:

  • Coordinate and promote scleroderma awareness across Australia
  • Increase community support and engagement for people with scleroderma and their families
  • Advocate for people with scleroderma for improved patient outcomes
  • Coordinate funding for scleroderma research across Australia
  • Support state associations to provide successful and sustainable outcomes.
Scientific support

Medical Advisors to Scleroderma Australia

Scleroderma Australia is supported by a range of medical professionals that provide valuable advice and information on matters such as content for our brochures, data and statistics and attendance at events and seminars. We would like to thank their significant contributions to Scleroderma Australia and the Scleroderma community.

Dr Mandy Nikpour
A/Prof Mandana Nikpour

(Rheumatology Vic)

Dr Wendy Stevens
Dr Wendy Stevens

(Rheumatology Vic)

Dr Joanne Sahhar
Dr Joanne Sahhar

(Rheumatology Vic)

Prof Susanna Proudman
Prof Susanna Proudman

(Rheumatology SA)

Find your local support groups

Our support groups are located around Australia. They provide emotional support through discussion of common experiences and coping strategies. Click on your state below for more details on your nearest group and when they meet.

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VIC, TAS, SA and WA visit:

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