Scleroderma Australia Icy Hands Challenge 2021

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Dyson Heppell took the Icy Hands Challenge™!

Dyson is the captain of Essendon Football Club and is an Ambassador for Scleroderma Victoria. Go Dyson!

This painful yet SAFE Icy Hands Challenge™ will allow you to experience the feeling of Raynaud’s phenomenon. While you will only have to experience this for 30 SECONDS, MOST of our loved ones with scleroderma face this all day every day!

This is a fundraising CHALLENGE, and we need everyone to CHALLENGE their friends and family and let them know as part of the Icy Hands Challenge™ they need to donate.
Scleroderma Australia would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Scleroderma Foundation USA – Southern California Chapter and acknowledge them for their support and collaboration to make this fundraiser happen.
*** Please DO NOT ATTEMPT this challenge if you are a PERSON WITH SCLERODERMA AND/OR RAYNAUD’S and/or have any open sores/ulcers on your hands. Proceed with caution if you experience chilblains or poor circulation. ***
You can watch the Icy Hands Challenge™ Launch via the Scleroderma SoCal Podcast and share your videos and challenges on social media! 
Get the facts

What is Raynaud’s?

A condition that causes reduced blood flow to the hands and feet that causes coldness, pain and restricted mobility.

of scleroderma patients have Raynaud’s

Colour changes with a Raynaud’s Attack:

  • White skin; the blood supply gets cut off to skin.
  • Blue skin; the blood trapped in the skin loses its oxygen.
  • Red skin; when blood flow returns to normal.
White fingers during a Raynaud's Phenomenon attack
Scleroderma Icy Hands Challenge logo


  • Bucket full of ICE and WATER (Fill the bucket with ice, then top off with water).
  • Video recording device to film you completing the challenge.

Icy Hands Challenge™ Rules:

1. Anyone can start a challenge, but a person with scleroderma MUST NOT accept a challenge

  • Accept or start the challenge – Once you’ve been challenged, you have up to 72 hours to complete the Icy Hands Challenge™.
  • It’s just like a game of tag, basically. A friend, co-worker, or bitter enemy will do a video, and call out three or more other people to do the Scleroderma Icy Hands Challenge™. Those three people need to challenge others, and so on, and so forth leading to a branch-like spread of the CHALLENGE).

IF YOU REFUSE THE CHALLENGE, YOU SHOULD DONATE $100.00 to help raise funds for much needed research.

2. Prepare your materials.

  • Fill the bucket with ice and top it off with water.
  • Start recording.
  • Dip one or both hands or arms into the container.
  • Keep your hands or arms in the water for at least 30 seconds while recording.

3. Upload your video

In your social media post, tag all of the individuals you have challenged as well as Scleroderma Australia and Scleroderma Foundation Southern California Chapter and use the hashtags #IcyHandsChallenge #Scleroderma #ScleroAus #ScleroSOCal

Your video should include the following:

  • Your name;
  • Who challenged you;
  • Accepting the challenge “Accept the Scleroderma Icy Hands Challenge™”;
  • The names of the people that you want to challenge;
  • The website;
  • Mention that you’ll be donating as well as taking the challenge;
  • Tell us how your hands feel.

4. Donate

  • Once you accept the Scleroderma Icy Hands Challenge™, you must make a donation – $25, $50, or $100. Every little bit helps!
  • Accepting the Scleroderma Icy Hands Challenge™ and freezing your hands in ice it does not “free” you from making a donation.


You can see how it’s done by visiting our YouTube page!

How you can help

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Your donation will support research to understand and develop treatments for scleroderma. Every gift helps and is greatly appreciated.

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