Snuggle Up lady hiding under doona

Scleroderma Australia – Snuggle Up for Scleroderma (June 2021)

Scleroderma or systemic sclerosis, is a chronic connective tissue condition affecting more than 6,000 Australians. Scleroderma Australia is the national representative voice supporting the Scleroderma community across Australia. To raise awareness about the condition, Scleroderma Australia has adopted the sunflower as its icon. The sunflower is symbolic, as like the sunflower itself, it turns towards the sun for warmth. People with scleroderma are usually more comfortable in warmer weather.

One of the ways Scleroderma Australia celebrates World Scleroderma Day on 29 June is by encouraging people to hold a Snuggle Up event. This can help raise awareness for our cause and raise funds to support those who are living with this condition and to help find a cure.

You can hold a Snuggle Up event that involves you keeping warm this June. You could hold a slumber party, host an afternoon tea wearing your favorite gloves and scarves, or arrange a casual clothes day at work.

Help us raise funds today!