Headshot Marilyn Singer

Scleroderma Australia Committee – NSW Representative

Marilyn Singer’s journey with Scleroderma started in late 1991, having been diagnosed with this rare and seldom heard of condition. The search for answers began.

Marilyn joined The Scleroderma Association of New South Wales in the early 90’s, attended meetings and seminars and became part of the Committee soon after. Over the years Marilyn has held many positions on the Committee; Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Stall Convener, Public Officer, NSW Delegate on the Scleroderma Australia Committee and is currently President of Scleroderma New South Wales and Vice President of Scleroderma Australia. 

In 2018 Marilyn was awarded The Order of Australia Medal for services to the Scleroderma Community. Marilyn owned and operated a Travel Agency in her former business life and has been a Marriage Celebrant for many years. Marilyn has had an almost lifetime involvement in singing, having sung at school, in choirs, led the Sydney Irish Choir and was a member of the Sydney Opera Company for many years.

Marilyn has attended two Systemic Sclerosis World Congresses representing Australia and New South Wales. During her almost thirty years involvement with the Scleroderma Community, Marilyn has spoken at many functions, raising awareness of this disease and reaching out to those that may live in isolation, with very little access to information or support. Fortunately, there is now so much more support, but still lots to do. Marilyn feels that this is our mission, as an Association, at both state and national levels. 

Marilyn is married, loves spending time with her family, of four children, their partners and eleven grandchildren, being in the garden and travelling. 🌻