Headshot Amanda Lawrie-Jones

Scleroderma Australia Committee – Chair of the Board

Amanda Lawrie-Jones joined the Scleroderma Victoria Committee in 2015, and the following year became President of the association. Late in 2018, Amanda then took on the role of President of Scleroderma Australia. 

Amanda’s journey with scleroderma has been a long one, spanning more than 35 years. It began at an early age, where her teenage years were the worst. Her family support has been her most valuable foundation in getting her through this, and her life voyage has certainly built her resilience and strength.

In 2006, Amanda lost her first leg due to recurrent ulcers, infections and skin grafts – followed by losing her second leg in 2012. As a double amputee, Amanda certainly does not let this stand in the way of living her life.

Her love for travel has taken her to many amazing places, with her favourite destination being New York. Amanda has been to New York 29 times, and many of these trips have been wonderful opportunities to work and live in her favourite city. 

Amanda runs and operates her own Consulting Business in the field of disability. She has a vast experience of disability related matters, including disability employment and the NDIS, and enjoys staying connected to communities by sitting on many Boards and Committees. Aside from being the President of Scleroderma Victoria and Australia, Amanda is also a Member of the Victorian Disability Advisory Council (reporting to the Victorian State Government Minister for Disability) and is the Chair of the Board of Arts Access Victoria. From an international standpoint, Amanda has also recently joined the SPIN (Scleroderma Patient Intervention Network) Steering Committee. 

Amanda has been nominated for awards in the past for her contribution to advocacy and creating change in the disability sector, in both the National Disability Leadership Awards in 2018 and the Aspire Awards in 2020. 

Amanda enjoys getting on an airplane, both for work and play. Her motto is #TheSkyIsMyHigh and she says when she is up in the clouds, it is the best way to reflect on life and the importance of community and togetherness.  🌻